Our Journey

Here at The Reform Clinic, we pride ourselves on providing a welcoming, calming and non-judgmental environment.

About Us

All the staff here are dedicated to helping you improve your health and wellbeing. Each of them has been on their own personal journey, and each has their own experience of the therapies that we offer. Take a look at their stories below.


What was your background before The Reform Clinic?

Originally from Cumbria, I had worked in the construction industry from the age of 16. By my mid-30s, I was leading some of the largest Railway Modification projects in Europe, working 14-hour shifts, 7 days a week. It began to take its toll and I left the industry in 2001 to run my own business. However, the feeling that I was stuck in a rut never really left me.

Why did you make such a dramatic career change?

I started to make life changes by joining the gym and quitting smoking using the Laser Therapy and things escalated from there.  I started training in Body Work and Emotional Release techniques which allowed me to support people on a similar journey that I had been on.  

Why did you decide to train with the Hawaiian elders?

I started training with Kanoa (a Kahuna and native Hawaiian healer) on my first visit to Hawaii and was so inspired by the results of his work that I was compelled to learn more.   

How has it changed your life?

Quitting smoking obviously brings numerous benefits but the mind body treatments have allowed me to find balance in my own life.  To help others do the same is one of the most fulfilling things I have ever done.  In this type of role you never stop learning and I visit Hawaii often to train with the Kahunas so to say my life has taken a turnaround is an understatement.    


What was your background before The Reform Clinic?

I qualified as a nurse 18 years ago and for the past 10 years have been focused on working with clients living with addictions.  I was seconded to a post as an outreach nurse working in Glasgow city centre, providing care to rough sleepers and drug users. This experience was nothing short of life changing and challenged my knowledge and perceptions surrounding homelessness, drug use and existing interventions.

Why did you join the Clinic?

I was invited to a week-long yoga retreat and was immersed in a new world of spiritual and physical challenges. My introduction to skeletal realignment was a recommendation from a colleague as I had been experiencing problems with a knee injury. I was amazed by the immediate pain relief and sense of well-being after my first treatment and that is when I decided to complete the training. 

Do you work full time at the clinic?

Alongside working at the clinic I still have a post in the community as a senior addictions nurse.  I enjoy working with clients regardless of their needs but find it most rewarding to be able to use my experience in addictions to support people looking to make sustainable lifestyle changes. 

How has it changed your life?

The journey I unknowingly embarked upon was triggered by a host of experiences. It has equipped me with a new understanding of life, a new set of skills and a drive and passion to support others to experience the possibilities for change and improvement.


What is your role in The Reform Clinic?

I am a silent partner in the business, referring to people who are passionate and experienced with a thirst for the latest discoveries in this field. The idea of creating a place that would cater for a multidisciplinary view of individual needs was a thought that I held for years.  I decided to approach Mike and Jac with the idea of building a clinic that could bring this new approach to a wider audience.  

How did you get involved in body work?

For 25 years I worked as a Management Consultant and Coach. I loved my work, but my life was out of balance and I felt the need to explore support mechanisms to deal with burnout. The amount of travelling involved meant it was difficult to find consistency, but practicing yoga helped me. I decided to become a qualified yoga instructor and my learning journey started from there. I studied Somatic Coaching at the Strozzi Institute in California and other 'whole person / system' centered coaching modalities. This started an exploration of the body mind connection, leading to bodywork training.  My sole aim was to understand more about the treatments that could bring in to complement sessions with corporate clients.

How has it changed your life? 

All of the training I have completed required personal exploration which improved my personal health and well being.  My aim was to create a place where people can experience treatments that balance the body and relax the mind and I am delighted with the end result.  I love that we are accessible to individuals and corporate clients but for me it is rewarding to see the body work being included in organisational workshops.