Emotional Release

Find Calm in the Chaos


We offer one off sessions to release stored emotions from the body using Myofascial techniques and Emmett.  

If your aim is to resolve patterns of behaviour, we have an intensive 6 session programme which combines traditional Hawaiian techniques with NLP and Bodywork to help address stress, anxiety or trauma. 

Mike frequently works with and visits his Hawaiian teacher Kanoa (a native Hawaiian Healer) to keep his skills up-to-date.  Kanoa often presents at the University of Hawaii and Mike has had the honour of assisting on occasion.  Working with memories, stored emotion, anxiety or trauma to reverse the hold it has over your life and reactions, this programme incorporates the mind, body and behaviours.   

Mike also offers therapy to address Phobias such as; fear of heights, flying, spiders and anything in-between.  

I have spent much of my time looking for improvements for my chronic physical and emotional issues stemming from a turbulent childhood. I have tried numerous therapies but this one was such a relaxing treatment which culminating in what I can only describe as a release of energy from my head. I felt calm and relaxed afterwards. Frances Eftekhari

The Sessions: What to expect

Mike will conduct an initial consultation to understand exactly what your needs are and what is holding you back from living your best life.  

We do not believe that you need to reveal your story or re-visit difficult memories to get relief.  We are happy to listen if you do want to share anything that arises during treatment but we do not require that you do.