Emotional Release

Transform your thoughts, feelings & behaviours


Using a combination of traditional Hawaiian Healing techniques and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) we work with you to understand and disconnect from the emotions attached to painful memories. Bringing resolution to stored emotion, stress, anxiety or trauma to resolve limiting mindsets and behaviours.

We also offer therapy to address Phobias such as; fear of heights, flying, spiders and anything in-between. 

Mike's teacher (Hawaiian Kumu) Kanoa is a native Hawaiian Healer who is a valued mentor and friend who generously shares his teachings with us.  Mike studies with the University of Hawaii learning detailed Ho'oponopono practices.  In addition to our individual sessions we offer packages; details of which can be found below.

I have spent much of my time looking for improvements for my chronic physical and emotional issues stemming from a turbulent childhood. I have tried numerous therapies but this one was such a relaxing treatment which culminating in what I can only describe as a release of energy from my head. I felt calm and relaxed afterwards. Frances Eftekhari

The Sessions: What to expect

You will be asked to complete a detailed questionnaire to help us understand exactly what your needs are and what is holding you back from living your life freely.  You can use code names for events in order to maintain your privacy.  We do not believe that you need to reveal your story or re-visit difficult memories to achieve an emotional shift.    

The body and mind are intrinsically connected and we believe our Bronze, Silver and Gold packages deliver a multidisciplinary approach to healing.  For more detailed descriptions please contact us to receive an information pack.