Pain Relief

Bringing the body back into balance to relieve pain


After an initial consultation to understand how the pain impacts your day-to-day life, we tailor your treatment using a variety of leading edge techniques including:   

Skeletal Realignment (KCR): we perform a series of gentle stretches and joint mobilisations to alleviate aches and pains, realigning the skeleton and bringing the body back into balance.

Myofascial Release:  Fascia (also known as Connective Tissue) exists everywhere in the body and accounts for 20% of our body weight.  Like cling film it covers the muscles, tendons and organs.  Healthy Fascia is important for inflammation control, wound healing and pain relief.  If your Fascia is tight or damaged it can cause pain and lack of flexibility.  The aim of this treatment is to reduce pain and increase mobility but additionally it can facilitate the release of stress and induce profound states of relaxation.

Emmett Technique: using light touch to trigger the relaxation response in the soft tissues of the body which can help to relieve feelings of tension.

I suffer from chronic back pain due to several conditions and physio over the years hasn't helped. A friend recommended the clinic and initially I wasn't convinced by the 'holistic' approach but I was ready to try anything. I have never felt so relaxed and more importantly I left feeling more freedom of movement from the first session. I cannot recommend this clinic highly enough. Lynsay Spence, Glasgow

The Sessions: What to expect

On your first visit to the clinic, our therapist will conduct an initial consultation to understand exactly what your needs are. You will remain fully clothed throughout the process and the procedure is conducted at a pace you are comfortable with, respecting any physical limitations that you may have.  

The experience varies from client to client depending on what issue the client presents with and their lifestyle.  Some of our clients experience immediate relief after one treatment and in other cases, additional treatments are required.  

Some clients leave feeling relaxed and calm, while others leave feeling energised and motivated. Most people report a greater range of movement and general feeling of wellbeing. The improvements can be immediate and dramatic, or may be felt a few days later once the body has settled into the realignment. Many clients also report that their sleep pattern improved straight after treatment. 

We offer 1 hour Pain Management sessions at £65 each.


Which Treatment is best for you?

Some clients request a specific treatment that they know works for them.  If you are new to some of these techniques we will work with you to select the one that we believe will provide the best results for you.  

Most people benefit from an initial skeletal realignment to bring the body into balance as this can often provide instant relief.  

We cannot work with clients who are under consultant care without written permission.  


Helpful videos

The video below shows the benefits of Kinetic Chain Release.