Stop Smoking

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What We Offer

Currently we offer a very effective Smoking Cessation treatment that has produced results for many clients.  


The treatment we provide is known as Low Level Laser Therapy or Photobiomodulation (PBM). It was invented in 1965 by Professor Endre Mester, a Hungarian surgeon, who’s research proved that small frequency doses of laser light can aid healing in several different areas of medical practice. Importantly, this procedure has been proven to help those who are trying to beat Nicotine addiction.

Low Level Laser Therapy treatment can help you to completely stop smoking cigarettes and cigars, and even prevent you from using smokeless tobacco products.

As a heavy smoker for 10+ years I never had the willpower to quit. I was sceptical at first but honestly, this is the best thing I have ever done. It has been 3 Years since I last had a cigarette and I feel great. The money I had saved is an added bonus Liam Acton, From Cumbria

The Sessions: What to expect

On your first visit to the clinic, our therapist will talk you through the process before allowing you to feel the gentle pressure of the laser light without the power turned on. The laser light produces no heat whatsoever and the procedure is completely safe and entirely painless. In fact, most clients report that they feel very relaxed throughout and after the process. 

If you are happy to proceed, the treatment is then applied to specific energy points on the hands, wrists, nose and ears. This will kick-start the detox process, raising your endorphin and serotonin levels which are lowered during the process of quitting. As you might expect, the treatment is most effective amongst those who truly wish to kick the habit. Having willpower and a positive mindset will give you the best chance of quitting completely.

Each client will receive a course of three treatments lasting 45mins to 1 hour each. For most clients this is enough to help stop the cravings and stress related to Nicotine withdrawal symptoms. Other clients may feel the need for further treatments, but that decision is entirely up to you.

Seven months on I am still smoke free, feeling much healthier and I have saved a fortune! Angela, From Glasgow