Treatments for your Physical and Emotional Wellbeing

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The Reform Clinic was established to bring balance, health and wellbeing to your life whether you need relief from pain, help with an habitual pattern or resolution for stress, anxiety or trauma. 

We pride ourselves on providing a welcoming, calming and non-judgmental environment with the sole aim of supporting you to achieve a healthy pain-free life.  

The number of treatments you require is entirely dictated by you, depending on how you feel and how your body reacts and adapts to the therapy. Together, we’ll go on a journey to ensure you feel healthier, stronger and fitter. And that journey starts right here.

Pain Relief

We perform a series of gentle stretches and joint mobilisations on the full body to bring pain relief and often resolution to injuries and long term physical ailments bringing the body back into balance creating the right conditions for healing. Offering leading edge techniques to work with pain caused by injury and resulting from stored emotion.


Smoking Cessation


Emotional Release & Phobias


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Helpful videos

The videos below explain Kinetic Chain Release and Connective Tissue