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Mike Nicholson
Body Worker & Therapist



Mike supports clients to find freedom from physical pain and cyclical emotional patterns.  

As a body worker he employs a variety of techniques to relieve and resolve pain and discomfort. Working on more than the localised area where the issue shows up, he treats the whole body leaving clients feeling balanced, invigorated and relaxed.  

For clients struggling with emotional issues, Mike adopts a non-intrusive approach using tools passed down from his teacher Kanoa Oakalani, a native Hawaiian Healer.  Incorporating the more modern method of Neuro Linguistic Programming, the combination allows clients to work through their limiting beliefs to reframe internal and external barriers.

Sharing practical, simple and relatable tools, Mike inspires his clients to find clarity and confidence.  

Mike's phobia treatment has helped previous clients to overcome extreme fears created by negative and projected experiences, ranging from fear of flying to fear of spiders.  

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